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Tesla Solar Roofs Are Here And They Are Awesome


Tesla Solar Roofs Are Here And They Are Awesome

In the never-ending quest to create energy-saving devices, Elon Musk has made what could be a huge breakthrough with his new solar roof.

Can’t see the clunky solar panels? That’s because they don’t exist here. Musk and his company have found a way to create a roof that is energy efficient and still looks cool. It’s also 100% real.

“I want to emphasize that there’s no Photoshopping on the roof,” Musk said. “That is actually how it looks, and it wasn’t taken by some… it was take some pics with your phone and send them over. That’s what we’re talking about here, not some special lighting conditions, pro-photographer situation. And this is version one, and I think this roof’s going to look really knockout, as we just keep iterating.”

At only $21.85 per square foot, this roof is going to be very affordable once it hits the market.

Kyle is a freelance writer based out of Orlando, Florida. You can find him on Twitter at @KFoleyFL.

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