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Reddit Users Share The Dumbest Things They Did As A Child


Reddit Users Share The Dumbest Things They Did As A Child

Reddit user paoeranger asked fellow Redditors what the dumbest thing was that they did as a child out of curiosity, and the answers did not disappoint.

“Poured water down a hive of wasps when I was 6. Thought they looked thirsty because the water droplets I gave them around the entranced all got sucked up–turns out they were just trying to keep their home free of moisture.” posted lunchesandbentos. “My grandfather who was gardening at the time saw the cloud that came up, he grabbed me and ran inside. I still got stung 10+ times though. My sister, a year younger, who had been watching me, went inside and closed the door the moment I had poured the cup (she is much smarter than I am). She still remembers the way the wasps slammed against the door trying to follow us in.”

Raichu07 made a mistake that most of us can absolutely relate to. “I was told not to touch the stove burner because it was hot.” they wrote. “I put my fingers on it to see how hot… Still remember the sound of my own fingers sizzling.”

Wavesignal made a very painful mistake. “I ‘sharpened’ my pinky finger using a sharpener, and oh boy.. blood was everywhere.”

What’s the dumbest thing you did as a child? Let us know

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