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Could This Be The New Google Pixel XL?


Could This Be The New Google Pixel XL?

In a leak published by Android Police, we may now know what the next version of the Google Pixel XL phone will look like. With their track record of accuracy when it comes to early Google phone leaks, it’s very likely that this could be what the new phone looks like.

The unnamed phone, which I’m just going to call the Pixel 2, kind of reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone is also taller than the previous version, measuring in at 6 inches, and slightly slimmer, boasting the same 2:1 aspect ratio as the LG G6. The phone also appears to be made completely by LG, and not HTC like the last generation.

Could this be the latest Pixel phone? Only time will tell.

Kyle is a freelance writer based out of Orlando, Florida. You can find him on Twitter at @KFoleyFL.

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